The Morning sun - cardigan is designed with an inspiration of own handmade knits and the beautiful moments of the Morning sun in the Spring and Summer. When the bright yellow cardigan became part of the collection, it felt quite obvious to name it "Morning sun".

First i designed and knitted a few different yellow cardigans by mixing different shades of white and yellow yarn. When taking the cardigan to production, it got a beautiful soft gradient colouring of white and yellow tones.


Vadelma Design kotimainen neule Aamuaurinko neuletakki             

The Morning sun -cardigan has become, maybe a little by coincidence, my favourite cardigan to put on when going e.g. to enjoy my morning coffee outside in the morning. Actually, i am wearing it also right now this morning when writing this. 


 You can find more information and pictures of the Morning sun -cardigan and the link to our webshop below: 

Morning sun -Cardigan 

Vadelma Design

 (Picture from last year, holding one of my self-knitted yellow lace-cardigans)  



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