Our knitwear is designed with an inspiration of the beautiful Finnish nature, its details and precious moments. 


When designing the new collection, it brought a little memory, moment or a story along behind every design.  


You can find a short story and a little sneak peek behind the inspiration and idea around every knitwear on our blog - starting with the "Peony" -sweater;  

" Peonies are so beautiful and actually they are one of my favourite flowers. My grandmother used to grow peonies in her garden and it was almost obvious that one of the sweaters would be inspired by these lovely flowers. I knitted a few cardigans, mixing different shades of pink and white. When the knit was brought to production - i was so happy that it got a beautiful gradient colour like the beautiful colouring the petals of a peony."  


You can find more information and pictures of the "Peony" -sweater: 

Vadelma Design - kotimainen Pioni neulepaita 



Vadelma Design kotimainen neule pioni neulepaita


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