How to take care of your Lambwool beanies /-headbands To keep your Vadelma Design -beanies and headbands in good use for as long as possible, we want to give you a few tips for taking good care of it!

Wool repels dirt and therefore often mere airing of the product is sufficient. However, if the woolen beanie gets dirt or stains that you want to wash off, here are some washing tips:

  • Individual stains should be treated immediately by washing with lukewarm, hand-warm water. Many stains tend to adhere firmly to the fiber when reacting with wool. Do not rub or twist the beanie, but squeeze carefully. The wool product must also not be soaked.
  • A special wool detergent can be used for hand washing, but washing with detergent is not always necessary. If you use wool detergent, dissolve the detergent thoroughly in water and remember to rinse thoroughly.
  • Flat dry the beanie horizontally so that the beanie does not lose its shape, stretch too much or shrink. You can lightly squeeze the water out of the wool between a terry towel, so the beanie dries faster.
  • Do not use a tumble dryer or drying cabinet, and do not dry the beanie in direct sunlight.
  • The beanie can be ironed on the wrong side (max. 110 degrees) by light steaming or ironing.

Lambwool beanie storage:

  • Store woolen clothes in an airy, dry place, protected from pests.
  • Always clean the beanie of stains or crumbs. (note that our lambwool beanies are not moth-protected!)

Other things to notice:

  • Chlorine bleaching prohibited
  • No dry cleaning