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Knit Pullover "Birch/Koivu"

A lovely knit pullover, made in Finland.

Koivu means Birch in Finnish.

Material: 50% Mohair Superkid, 32% polyamide, 18% Merino Extra Fine (yarn comes from Italy)


Dimensions of the sweater by size:  

XS / S

from shoulder to hem: 73cm

circumference: 96cm

sleeve length: 60cm

M / L

from shoulder to hem: 75cm

circumference: 104cm

sleeve length: 60cm 


from shoulder to hem: 77cm

circumference: 112cm

sleeve length: 60cm 

Vadelma Design kotimainen neule Koivu neulepaita Koivu sweater made in Finland
Kotimainen neule Koivu neulepaita Vadelma Design Birch sweater
Knit Pullover  "Birch/Koivu"
Knit Pullover  "Birch/Koivu"

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